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Sinker Cypress Rolling Outdoor Bar

Sinker cypress rolling bar with storage, great piece to complete your outdoor living space.

The piece measures 70” long and 34” deep. The main bar top is 42.5” high (perfect for standing or sitting on a bar stool) and the back bar is 35.5” high, which is about standard kitchen counter height. The top features a cavity filled with 1.5-2” of epoxy, giving a beautiful feel for the depth. The bottom is trimmed with live edge sinker cypress and the sides and front are gorgeous “red” sinker cypress, which are probably my favorite color variation. This piece can be used indoors or outdoors and rolls easily (it has locking wheels to keep in place). If kept outdoors it will need to be stored out of direct sunlight or well covered to keep UV rays from deteriorating the epoxy.

This piece is no longer available but we can custom design and build one for you.  If you have any questions or other requests please message us via Facebook or email at

Thanks for looking and please feel free to share!!

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