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Glow Top Rolling Bar

Rolling bar with 6 color glow in the dark sinker cypress top.

The top of the bar is filled with 6 different colors of glow epoxy. The effect is extremely cool in person.  Scroll to the end to see a short video clip!

The exterior walls and doors are reclaimed pine from an 80 year old home in Folsom. The paint is original and has not been manipulated except to clean it.

The bar measures 6’ long and just over 24” deep. The bar top is 41.5” off the floor, which is about typical bar height. It can easily accommodate 8 people sitting or as many as 10 people standing.

It has plenty of cabinet space with 2 shelves plus the base. The shelves run the full length of the bar.

If this doesn’t fit your space or suit your needs we can custom build them to your specs.

Thanks for looking and sharing!

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