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Manstrocity Update {Louisiana Tiny Home Builder}

In preparation for the upcoming 2018 Louisiana Tiny Home Festival on December 7-9 in Slidell, we’re preparing the original Manstrocity to be shown.   Some sanding and a fresh coat of poly on the outside, new signage with our new logo and a re-configuring of the inside.  To read more about our “tiny camp,” which we’ve used for Mardi Gras parades, tailgating and family camping trips, check out our original post here.

We are working on closing in the porch area, which we’ve decided is wasted space.  In addition to the current queen-sized loft, we’ll now have twin bunk beds with storage underneath.   We are really excited to finish this project and debut the improved Manstrocity at the festival!

We are a custom tiny home builder in South Louisiana, established in 2015, making us the first tiny home builder in Louisiana.   Our facility is located in Houma, an hour west of New Orleans.   Our tiny homes are completely custom – clients don’t choose from “pre-designed” plans – every home is custom and unique.   We work closely with clients to plan and design a space tailored to their needs and wants.  Tiny homes start around $50,000 and go up from there depending on size and materials used.   If you need financing, we can refer you to a local lender that has a “tiny home loan” in place.  Contact us today about going tiny and making your tiny dreams come true!

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