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Lafayette Tiny House Build (Louisiana Tiny Home Builder}

Updated: May 27, 2023

The newest Louisiana tiny home build has been delivered and is set up in her new home. This tiny house is 24′ long and 8.5′ wide and weighs approximately 12,000 pounds and is located outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. Similar models would start at $55,000

The interior features the following:

-2 lofts, a 9′ main loft and 3′ storage loft – Butcher block style, acacia wood countertop – Sliding pantry door that doubles as bathroom door for privacy – On-demand propane water heater – Propane stove – Low VOC – NOAH inspected and certified

Please contact us if you would like to view it in person or have any questions about what we can build to suit your needs.

Thank you for looking and please share! We are a small business and rely a lot on word-of-mouth referrals from our followers. We appreciate all the help!

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