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Sinker Cypress Table with Cast Iron Legs

Sinker cypress dining table with replica antique cast iron machine legs.

The top is a single sinker cypress slab measuring 70″ long, 36″ wide, and 3.25″ thick. This slab is very unique because it features a “crotch” along the middle where two large trunks from the tree fused together, which is the iridescent curly figure in the middle. If you look at the end grain on the table you can see the grain of the two separate trunks.

The top of the table measures 32.5″ from floor level. The table is between 250-300 pounds. The legs can be easily removed to fit inside a regular entrance door if double doors are not an option.

The legs are replica cast iron machine legs from the Drake Casting Co.

I also have the “sister” slab to this one, featuring the same grain and color, measuring 36″ wide and just over 11′ long which I can turn into another 2 dining tables or a long conference table.

Thanks for looking and sharing!!

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