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Sinker Cypress Burl Sink with Reclaimed Wood Base

Sinker cypress burl sink. Sink is completely functional and water-tight. The sink, back splash, and counter are all sinker cypress from the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana. These logs were cut down in the early to mid-1800’s. The side posts and the stand are all from the same house on Elysian Fields in New Orleans destroyed by Katrina.

The bowl is made from a burl where a cypress branch broke off and the tree healed itself over the break, creating a burl.

The base, backsplash, and sink/counter are made as 3 separate pieces. It can be mounted with or without the base and/or backsplash. The faucet is included, but it is not permanently mounted in case the buyer would like to furnish with a different fixture that would require mounting elsewhere.

The dimensions are 62″ wide and 20″ deep. All metal hardware is stainless steel with a patina finish.

Thanks for looking and sharing!

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