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Mahogany Slab Table

This is a mahogany slab table measuring 8’ long, 2’ wide and 2.25” thick. The legs are reclaimed pine and fir.

This table is for my neighbor at my fishing camp. His dad found this slab underneath his camp when he bought it 50 years ago.

I’ve bothered my neighbor for the past 4 years or so to let me make something out of this slab for him. His dad just passed away this past May and he decided to let me make a table out of it. Notice on the end where the slab was splitting slightly I inserted a sinker cypress butterfly with his dads name and birthdate and the day he passed in memory of him.

Slabs of mahogany this large are very rare and valuable today due to the woods popularity and it’s slow growth rate. The color and grain almost glows in person.

This was a relatively simple table but it was one of the most rewarding because I know how much it will mean to my neighbor.

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