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Custom Sinker Cypress Gun Wall

This project was one of my favorites and most challenging - completed at the end of 2019 but never shared here. I feel like it deserves a blog post.

This gun rack wall holds 16 guns and 3 crossbows (they’re hanging at the top between the slabs). It’s 14’ long and features continuous ammo cabinets underneath.

All wood is sinker cypress from the Atchafalaya Basin. The vertical slabs on the wall are 5.5’ tall and are approximately 3’ wide.

Each space is specifically fit for the exact gun that goes in the space. There is a butt hole (yes I know how that sounds ) cut to the exact contours of each gun. And each barrel holder is fit to the diameter of the barrel. The barrel holders are on hidden hinges and use rare earth magnets to secure the barrel in place.

What made this project so challenging is the exact specifications I was building to with limited space and not having the actual guns on hand to measure off of while building. Spacing and marking the outlines of the “butt holes” took an entire day alone. Everything had to be considered when making the holes from shape of the gun to scope size. To make it extra fun there are 3 left handed rifles that have a different profile (because the shape is reversed and the scopes are on the opposite side.

It was challenging and stressful (once something is cut it’s cut and I couldn’t double check my gun measurements) but it’s exhilarating when you spend this much time working on something and you put each gun in its spot and it fits perfectly.

Awesome feeling. Best project I’ve done in a long time. Especially proud of this one.

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