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865: What does it mean?

A little piece of info most people don’t know: My love for woodworking started shortly after my dad passed in 2012 at age 56. Among many other things he had a talent for, woodworking being one, he was an exceptional fisherman. He had been tagging and releasing red fish for the CCA tagging program for a few years. Just 4 days before his passing, he had spent the weekend tagging nearly 40 reds. After his passing we wanted to find out just how many red fish he had tagged in the few years he was doing it. It turned out that he had tagged 865 red fish in the program over the course of about 3 years. That number had put him in the top 3 participants in the program in just a short time.

Louisiana Sportsman even ran a short story in 2013 about him. The 865 has since come to be symbolic of my dad and holds special meaning to me. Obviously it reminds me of him, but it also reminds me that you should always put your heart into anything you do. That you can do anything you put your mind to and to always do things right. “Always do Things Right” is a mantra I try to live by and it is featured prominently above the bar in the trailer, along with some other quotes that remind me of him.

Also, every piece I make has “865” wood burned or carved into it somewhere. Most are inconspicuous and would probably not be noticed unless looking for it. Sometimes they are the actual numbers, sometimes they are Roman numerals, sometimes they are just dots, or any other way I thought of to express the number. So, if you have a piece that I made take a look for the 865.

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